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1 year + 232 days

Posted on: 15/11/2015

This past week has been particularly challenging. Ava's school assistant injured her back, as a result of which our school, concerned for Ava's safety, decided that Ava would be best off staying at home until the TA returned. We were all most upset by this, as being in school and around her friends gives Ava a huge amount of motivation and is a vital part of her recovery. Thankfully our wonderful headmistress acted on our concerns, not only enlisting a lovely temp who is fully qualified in manual handling, but also calling an emergency meeting with the local authority who have been dragging their heels somewhat with Ava's 'Education and Healthcare Plan'. We are confident now that things will be resolved favourably and are delighted that Ava isn't missing out on school in the meantime. Ava has otherwise been on great form, with her swimming teacher Musa commenting on how much her timing and coordination have improved. I have also been thrilled to hear Ava recall some very specific memories, which seems to be further evidence of her current phase of cognitive improvement.

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