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1 year + 239 days

Posted on: 22/11/2015

Thankfully we have had a much better week this week. Ava has been very happy at school with her temporary teaching assistant, Charlotte, who is extremely calm and gentle. Because Charlotte is experienced in manual handling of children with mobility issues, she has been able to take Ava to some lessons which she has been missing out on this term because of their location. These include science and ICT, which are either down or up a steep or tricky staircase. Ava was delighted to make it to the science lab and take part in an experiment about solids and liquids which involved melting chocolate, her favourite food. Her week got even better when her lovely friend Ariana invited her to the opening night of Winter Wonderland, a vast fun fair which comes to Hyde Park every year. Although Ava can't tolerate a huge amount of motion, she thoroughly enjoyed rides on a carousel and in a flying elephant. Yesterday she was in her element with chocolate again, when she had a small celebration for her forthcoming birthday at a local chocolate maker Rococo. Their brilliant event manager Sam created a workshop based on Roald Dahl's 'BFG', which included the girls making the famous 'frobscottle' and 'snozzcumbers' from the book, all whilst sampling a variety of delicious flavoured chocolate. 

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