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Big shout out to Eloise Burkey!

Posted on: 16/12/2015

At Archangel we are grateful to have such loyal followers and are always very touched by any fundraising efforts. However when we heard from Eloise Burkey, we were literally left speechless! Eloise is Angelina's best friend and her family have been amongst our most ardent and generous followers from day one. Eloise is still thinking about ways to help us and so, during her school holidays, she decided to undertake a sponsored silence on Archangel's behalf. Incredibly, she didn't utter a word for 24 HOURS, raising a fantastic £220!! We couldn't be prouder of her for such thoughtfulness and earnest commitment. 24 hours is no mean feat for a 10 year old - Angelina would struggle to last 24 minutes! It was also particularly poignant, as MLD can very quickly rob children of their ability to talk and Eloise has not only raised invaluable funds but also awareness of this devastating disease. Well done Eloise and THANK YOU!! 

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