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Christmas is coming!

Posted on: 01/12/2015

Ava had a super birthday week, with dinner at her favourite restaurant in Harvey Nichols and a fun day of 'black friday' shopping on our school inset day. She was particularly thrilled to get a pair of sparkly 'Lelli Kelly' boots, which I always say no to (on the grounds that they usually have the brand name emblazoned across them), but this year they were actually the only boots which Ava could get on and off easily because of reduced flex in her ankles. Both girls picked out things for their Christmas lists in Selfridges toy department and I was very touched when they both added a present for someone less fortunate than themselves. We are firmly in Christmas mode now, especially having put up our Christmas tree quite early, owing to the fact that we will be on holiday in a couple of weeks time. It is a mad rush to get everything organised before we go away, but I'm feeling hugely buoyed by Ava's cognitive improvements, which are continuing to delight us every day. Her memory, long and short term, is returning thick and fast and it is wonderful to hear her recall holiday memories that we thought were lost forever. We are looking forward to making some more memories with her very soon. 

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