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Happy 10th Birthday Ava!

Posted on: 27/11/2016

Ava returned to school to find that she had a new teaching assistant, Miss Katie, which has hopefully been a positive step forward. Katie has a good attitude and Ava seems to really like her. She doesn't yet know how to physically handle Ava properly, which means that Ava is still too sedentary during the day, however she is keen to learn from Ava's therapists and is trying her best to facilitate better and more frequent movement breaks. We have now also received Ava's customised chairs in school, which are at least giving her much better postural support in the classroom and dining hall, enabling her to better concentrate on her learning (and lunch!) without expending all of her energy on trying to stabilise herself. Now we just need to sort out the right seating for her at home, which is actually not as easy at it sounds. Many products aren't right and there is a wait of several weeks to trial them. We did however find some good equipment in Milan and Switzerland, so with luck we will be able to ship them over. Ava celebrated her 10th Birthday in style, with a surprise party in school and a trip to the theatre to see the hilarious PETER PAN GOES WRONG with a group of her closest friends. She was extremely happy to have Ella Gal with us, Ava's best friend from nursery, whom we lost touch with after they went to different junior schools, but who has recently joined Ava's class! Ella is super kind to Ava and we were so pleased that she could join us - especially considering that it was also her own 10th Birthday on the day of our trip. This week Ava also celebrated the American tradition of Thanks Giving in school, where she was thankful for being in such a lovely class. 

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