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Hello from paradise

Posted on: 17/12/2015

We have finally made it to the Maldives, having decided to treat ourselves to a long overdue break. None of us slept on the 14 hour journey, but it's hard not to relax now we are here. Our island is incredibly quiet (although I'm sure that will all change by the weekend with the influx for Christmas) and we are surrounded by white sand and turquoise ocean. Despite the weather forecast looking very poor before we left, so far we have had 4 days of glorious sunshine and one 5 minute shower. Let's hope that continues... The staff here are fantastically kind and helpful and best of all, both girls are very happy in the kids club. Ava is adored by all the staff there, someone is always by her side and she is in her element singing, swimming and playing games for several hours a day. As much as I adore the precious family time this holiday is affording us, I'm also delighted to have some child-free moments just to sit and breathe and enjoy the peacefulness. Now I just have to get my husband off the phone to work...

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