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Summer is here!

Posted on: 11/07/2017

It's quite remiss of me not to post an update in such a long time, for which I apologise.  For the past few months we have been through a challenging process of trial and error with NHS therapy (the NHS want to convince us that their community therapists are as competent and experienced as those at the specialist neurological rehab unit Ava has attended for 2 years). Ava has struggled with new ways of doing things and an overload of neurological input, with sessions being combined instead of spread throughout the week, as previously. We had noticed a dramatic increase in muscle tone and rigidity, as well as heightened sensory defensiveness. Things are just starting to settle back down for her and we are glad that school has broken up for the summer so that we can all take a bit of a breather. On the positive side, the NHS have agreed to fund a new supportive walking frame and we are excited about getting Ava back on her feet with some independence. She is particularly happy about the prospect of being able to walk around the playground at school again in September. The NHS have also agreed to fund a trial period of a 'thera trainer', which is rehabilitation equipment for home which should hopefully give her muscles much more of a normal amount of stretching and movement to that experienced when spending a lot of the day sat down. We are taking the next 8 weeks (school holidays) as the final part of the trial period and hopefully Ava will have her 'Educational and Health Care Plan' and a new therapy offering in place for the start of the autumn term.  Other than that, year 5 has ended well for Ava and included some lovely trips to Port Lympne safari park and the Forrest School, where she was thrilled to be included with her class. Ava has worked hard on her communication skills and has been brave enough to give presentations to other classes and our headmistress on both her pet rabbit and endangered pandas. 

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