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We're in the Magic Kingdom!

Posted on: 28/10/2016

There is still no sign of our test results from Switzerland, but we are travelling again, this time spending half term in Disneyland Florida! The girls have been desperate to come here for years and we thought now was a good time, especially  considering that Ava's mobility skills could worsen further. Although the trip is an expensive one, the happiness and excitement it has brought is priceless. We have also been incredibly fortunate to have been offered a 'Genie' pass, given to children with serious illness (by American charity Give Kids the World) and which allows you to go straight the the front of the queue for any ride! Considering that many rides have had waiting times of 90 minutes, this has been fantastic. We have also been impressed by the consideration given to those with mobility issues throughout the Magic Kingdom. Ava has been allowed to drive her wheelchair directly onto special cars on certain rides, including her favourite 'Under the Sea' journey into Ariel's world. Although Ava is not good with fast motion, she has really enjoyed a lot of gentle rides, including the Mad Hatter's teacups and Peter Pan journey to Neverland. This also hasn't stopped Daddy and Angelina from riding as many scary rollercoasters as they could, whilst Ava and I met lots of Disney characters. We have also been to Universal studios, where the Minions and Shrek features were great and the Harry Potter sets were awesome. We travelled in the brilliant Hogwart's Express and had lunch in the pub in 'Hogsmead'. The only one disappointment so far has been the food, which is particularly unhealthy pretty much everywhere. Seaworld has also been another highlight, particularly seeing the incredible orca whales. I'm not sure that any of us felt comfortable with them being kept in such confined spaces, but the opportunity to see them at such close range has been amazing. It's been a very tiring few days, but we are enjoying the sunshine (about 28 degrees most days) and the fact that our lovely friends the Wetherell family arrived two days after us. Ava and Angelina have been thrilled to hang out with Bo, Ella and Ruby by the pool. I'm trying not to think about the fact that I have lost a valuable earring on this trip and just enjoy the precious family time. 

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